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The shoutbox is a small web page which you can put on your desktop (Windows users only) or have as a popup window, which will automatically check for new shouts - notifying you when new shouts have been posted.

You can specify how often it checks, and whether or not it plays a sound when there are new shouts. All the information is stored as a cookie in your computer, so if you have cookies disabled you won't be able to use the shoutbox - sorry.

get the shoutbox

To add the shoutbox to your active desktop, simpy click the link below. You will be asked whether you want to add it to your desktop, and maybe another couple of questions. Once you have done this, you'll probably want to move it somewhere sensible - you should be able to do this in the same way as a normal window (the title bar is hidden unless you hover over the shoutbox).

If you prefer, you can launch the shoutbox as a popup window instead. The window will pop to the front when there are new shouts .

Get Shoutbox: Active desktop | Popup window

If you have any problems, post a shout and I'll try and help!

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